Saturday August 08, 2020

Trump's Pre-Existing Condition Promise Pre-Exists

I have big problems with The Hill—too often they simply quote the lies of powerful people, mostly Republicans, Trump way too often—but this is a good succinct summary of Trump's idiocy. Sad!, in a word. 

What other marvels can we expect from Trump? Will he repeal “Don't Ask, Don't Tell”? Rescue the auto industry? Help pass a stimulus package to get us out of the global financial meltdown? Establish relations with Cuba? Re-kill Osama bin Laden? Pathetic. He so wants want Obama has and will never get it. Start with class. Love the irony here, too: Trump's promise on pre-existing conditions already exists. It's a pre-existing condition.

Posted at 11:01 AM on Saturday August 08, 2020 in category Politics  
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