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Friday April 29, 2016

Quote of the Day

“As many of you probably know, I'm a Democrat. And as you may have seen, I've also been a fan of Bernie Sanders. Much of what he stood for and helped bring to the forefront in this primary are things I too have fought for. ... But having been through many bruising primaries in my life, I'm also a realist. From where I sit, the math is clear. Hillary will likely win, and she will be our nominee. But that doesn't mean Bernie didn't also win. He won in a myriad of ways, none more so than energizing the Democratic base in a way no one expected. Young people in particular have become so passionate about this election. Because they recognize the historic importance at stake is nothing less than the very soul of our nation. So I'm asking Democrats out there to take a pledge, along with me: #Vote Blue No Matter Who.”

-- George Takei in a mesage to progressives.

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Sunday April 24, 2016

Remembering Prince XII

“Jim, we're all creative. I'm creative with music. You're creative with your pen. The builders out there [working on the soundstage] are creative with what they're building. Shoot, I couldn't do what they're doing. But if you go sit down with them and interview them, they'll lay some complex shit on you, and their work is very, very creative. It takes everybody to do this.

It even takes the person down the street to write the lies. It even takes People magazine, who said, 'We'll put you on the cover if we can have you, your wife and your baby on it.' Now, I have been a musician for 20 years. This is the best record I've ever made. You know: Kiss. My. Ass.

”What time is it when people [value gossip more than art]? But again, that gives me something to talk to you about, and that gives us a joke that we can laugh about here today. It's all connected."

-- Prince Rogers Nelson, via Jim Walsh, encore requested by Adam Wahlberg

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Remembering Prince XI

“A side effect of aging is that people you love/respect/admire will die, and I accept that, but this is unacceptable.”

-- Benjamin Dreyer, via Twitter, on the death of Prince, April 21, 2016

Prince star at First Avenue, Minneapolis

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Remembering Prince X

“Just remembered one more Prince story that I love. A friend's son worked at a Starbucks in Minnetonka. One day Prince wanders in and orders something. The kid, honestly not knowing who he is, says, 'Can I get a name please?' Prince gives him an 'Are you serious?' smile, then says, 'Tim.'”

-- Marc Conklin, via Facebook

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Remembering Prince IX

“I can't say that we went on to be pals. But we did record a lot at Paisley Park, and he became comfortable enough to grace us with his presence, not bejeweled and not dressed up. He'd be wearing maybe his jammies and sweat pants or maybe a pear of jeans and sneakers. He could sort of just hang out. He may have been a little more normal than he would've liked people to know. That's the treasure that we got, to be able to sit in the big atrium where you're taking a break and Prince shuffles by in his slippers and makes some popcorn in the microwave. My sister's a disc jockey, and he would pass by and say, 'Tell your sister hi for me.' People like to paint him as a reclusive this or that; I think he was genuinely truly, truly shy. But one thing says a lot about him: I was there making a solo record a few years later, and I got a message that said that my friend had just died. I was truly rattled, and the next time I went back into the studio, he had filled it up with balloons. Now I'm gonna cry.”

-- Paul Westerberg in Rolling Stone.

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