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Star Wars VII by Michael Haneke

Initially I was very impressed. I also wondered who this might appeal to? Who knows both “Amour” and “Star Wars”? Not many in the states, that's for sure.

Turns out it was shown at the 2013 Cesars, so there's our answer. Unfortunately, this fact made me less impressed with the final product. If it's shown at the Cesars, instead of just on YouTube, shouldn't this be better? Funnier? It's still good. I also like that you can swear at the Cesars and apparently not get bleeped.

I'm curious. Did they do more faux trailers for the new “Star Wars”? Directed by other famous European directors?

And a show of hands: Who's seen both “Star Wars” and “Amour”?

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Posted at 06:49 AM on Mon. Mar 04, 2013 in category Trailers  
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