Saturday January 17, 2015

The Remarkable Symmetry of Bennett Miller's Films, Nominations

I was thinking about this as I lay in bed this morning. Yeah, I know. I used to think about better things in bed.

But there is a remarkable symmetry to Bennett Miller's films/Oscar nominations:

  • Miller has made three feature-length films in his career.
  • Each title is one word with three syllables: Capote, Moneyball, Foxcatcher.
  • Each has received a nomination for best film (Moneyball) best director (Foxcatcher) or both (Capote).
  • Each has received a nomination for lead actor (Hoffman, Pitt, Carell).
  • Each has received a nomination in a supporting acting category (Keener, Hill, Ruffalo).
  • Each has been nominated for screenplay. 

Here's the chart:

Film Picture Director Lead  Supporting Screenplay Total
Capote x x x x x 5
Moneyball x   x x x 6
Foxcatcher   x x x x 5

“Moneyball” also got nominated for editing and sound mix, “Foxcatcher” for makeup.

The final similarity? Save Hoffman in 2005, nobody wins. Which, yes, fits with his movies, in which his leads win but lose (Capote), lose but win (Moneyball), or try to buy winning and lose everything (Foxcatcher).

Bennett Miller's lead actors 

Unsurprisingly, the middle one had the best box office.

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