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Tuesday May 09, 2017

That NPR Report on Northerners Flying the Confederate Flag

It's took more than a minute into their nearly four-minute piece on northerners flying the Confederate flag before NPR brought up race. 

During that time, two white Iowans who display the flag talk about their reasons for doing so: their affinity with the 1860s Southern cause. Says one:

Those people were fighting for states' rights, and the freedom to make their own way and to choose their own way against a tyrannical federal government.

Says the other:

They wanted their independence, they wanted a smaller government. I find that a lot in people. It's just that rebelliousness.

As for slavery? Or racism? Here's the first one again:

I dismiss it, because I'm not racist whatsoever. That flag doesn't mean that to me.

“But it does for many others,” adds reporter Sarah McCammon, who interviews a professor of history on the topic. But that's about the only clarifcation that's made. One side says this, the other side says that. Who knows where the truth lies?

Compounding the matter, the first guy also tells NPR his interest in “Civil War history and symbols deepened during the Obama administration, when he felt President Obama was overstepping his executive authority.” OK. How did Obama do that? Was it executive orders? Even though Obama signed fewer EOs than George W. Bush or Clinton? And Trump signed more in his first 100 days than any president ever? Can NPR give us (or him) those numbers? Of course not. Let the old men continue with their FOX News delusion. Right-wing media propagandizes, mainstream media simply reports on the result. And throws up its hands.

I'm so sick of this type of reporting. These guys can say the Confederate flag doesn't mean racism to them, but sorry, that's what it means. It's like saying the Swastika represents “nationalism.” Sure. A few other things, too. 

NPR's piece does end with this chilling bit of information: In 2015, after Dylann Roof killed nine black people in a church in Charleston, S.C., one Confederate memorabilia outlet “saw a 10-fold spike” in sales.  

Small government proponents, no doubt.

FURTHER READING: “Why the Confederate Flag Made a 20th Century Comeback,” from National Geographic. 

Confederate flag NPR report

Just another white man wanting his independence.

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