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Friday April 15, 2016

Rod Carew Tries On My Glove, 1970

Rod Carew tries on my glove, Met Stadium, 1970

A few facts and vague memories:

  • I'm the kid in the pink shirt in the center. It's my glove Rodney Cline is trying on. 
  • I think I was embarrassed by the pink shirt—not the color but the collar. I wanted to be wearing a T-shirt like my older brother (offering his glove to Carew).
  • I was slightly embarrassed by the glove. I hadn't worked it in properly, and I had small hands, so the pinkie finger for the glove was particularly closed off. I think Rod made some mention of that. I think he counseled me on how to break it in better. 
  • It was a Stan Bahnsen glove that was bought for me at Korner Plaza in Richfield, Minn. A bit of irony, given my current feelings about the Yankees
  • Can you believe they didn't have any Twins gloves at Korner Plaza? None. No Killebrew, Oliva, Tovar, Carew. I mean Stan Effin' Bahnsen? You kidding me? 
  • It was Camera Day, Met Stadium, Bloomington, Minn., circa 1970. 
  • We have no idea who these other kids in the photo are. 
  • Nothing like a baseball stadium. 
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