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“Did it hurt? No, it felt good. Of course it hurt. You get hit with a 90-something-mile-per-hour fastball, it's going to hurt.”

--Derek Jeter, Yankees shortstop, after being hit in the head by Indians pitcher Cory Kluber last Friday, Aug 24.

I know. Some of you are wondering if it's really me, the majority owner of the Yankees Suck page, writing this, but, you know, it's a good response. Made me laugh. Gotta tip your cap. Jayson Stark has more on the records Jeter, Mike Trout and Adam Dunn might break this September to remember.

Posted at 12:42 PM on Fri. Aug 31, 2012 in category Quote of the Day  


Bob wrote:

From today's Times' Sports section:


Why luck? Because they're near the bottom in both batting and pitching. However, they do well in one-run games and extra-inning games, which, according to this dipshit writer, are categories that are “unsustainable,” hence based on luck. That's a new one on me, and he provides no evidence for his opinion. Most commentators in my experience regard the ability to win close games as the mark of a good team, not a lucky one.

Comment posted on Fri. Aug 31, 2012 at 01:27 PM

Erik wrote:

I think it's because the O's have such a negative run differential. If you look at this chart of all of MLB as ranked by wins:

Then look at run differential, which supposedly indicates how well a team is supposed to be doing, the O's are way, way ahead of the curve. That kind of thing usually doesn't last an entire season. On the other hand, doesn't mean it can't.

Comment posted on Fri. Aug 31, 2012 at 04:14 PM

Bob wrote:

I think you're missing my point. Is it lucky to win close ballgames? I don't think so. Why not attribute it to their bullpen instead of luck?

Comment posted on Fri. Aug 31, 2012 at 04:19 PM
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