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The latest MSNBC piece on Woody Harrelson is up now. This morning I realized something I should've added. In Semi-Pro, not only is Woody not playing the dumbest guy onscreen; he's actually playing the smartest. Whole new territory for him.

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georgesprice wrote:

Thanks for taking Woody Harrelson seriously. I agreed with your article but would have added THE WALKER as a recent example of his mastery of a character. He was a gay beard escorting political and socialite women in WA DC. He was authentic and convincing; the script required some difficult emotions regarding graceful social situations and betrayal. In scenes where the audience knows more than the characters he interacts with, he showed how difficult it was to be loyal in all his on-screen relationships, while treating everyone consistent with his individual relationship with each one and honorably protecting his primary relationship (longstanding and platonic with one of the women) at terrible cost to his own standing with the others. Properly loyal to everyone he knew, ethical, he was convincing in every moment.

He had one such scene I would call difficult in No Country for Old Men. Although he was good throughout his performance he had the most difficult scene when he was surprised to find Bardem waiting for him in his room and then had to show fear and pleading with dignity.

The Walker had more difficult screentime and he was a class act while carrying the entire movie. Maybe it opened only in LA (I think December)? It disappeared immediately, maybe due to low commercial appeal of a gay character and no sex. Great production values and all the women and their husbands were familiar. I thought it was terrific and such a good story. Involved a murder and the relationships of the women, a couple of husbands and Woody, realistic, nicely detailed political/crime story.
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