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Academy Winnows Best Documentary Feature to 15, Including 'CitizenFour' and 'Life Itself'

Life Itself: Our Roger Wins Pulitizer

Our Roger wins best documentary feature?

I don't know if you know, but the Academy's documentary branch always sees fit to winnow the nonfiction possibilities down to 15 before arriving at the five documentary nominees, announced in January, from which they choose, of course, the one: best documentary feature.

Well, today they winnowed to 15:

  • “Art and Craft,” Purple Parrot Films
  • “The Case Against 8,” Day in Court
  • “Citizen Koch,” Elsewhere Films
  • “CitizenFour,” Praxis Films
  • “Finding Vivian Maier,” Ravine Pictures
  • “The Internet’s Own Boy,” Luminant Media
  • “Jodorowsky’s Dune,” City Film
  • “Keep on Keepin’ On,” Absolute Clay Productions
  • “The Kill Team,” f/8 filmworks
  • “Last Days in Vietnam,” Moxie Firecracker Films
  • “Life Itself,” Kartemquin Films and Film Rites
  • “The Overnighters,” Mile End Films West
  • “The Salt of the Earth,” Decia Films
  • “Tales of the Grim Sleeper,” Lafayette Film
  • “Virunga,” Grain Media

I've seen five: the four that are linked to my reviews, and “The Case Against 8,” which, I suppose, could be linked to this interview I did in January—shortly after the doc premiered at Sundance. 

It's not a bad group. What's missing? “The Unknown Known,” Errol Morris' mixed but still powerful doc on Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. 

Among the docs I've seen, I'd probably vote for “Life Itself.” Does it have a shot? Maybe. I don't believe in the make-up vote, but director Steve James was royally reamed when his doc “Hoop Dreams” wasn't even nominated in 1994—a travesty that Roger and Gene (among others) let the world know about. How delicious if Steve's doc on Roger made up for that?

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Posted at 06:05 PM on Tue. Dec 02, 2014 in category Movies - The Oscars  
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