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Friday September 20, 2019

'I Cannot Imagine a More Corrupt Act...'

The Wall Street Journal broke the story this afternoon. Apparently on July 25, Trump, talking by phone to Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky, pushed him to aggressively investigate Hunter Biden, the son of presidential candidate Joe Biden, who once served as a board member on a Ukrainian energy company. He wanted dirt to use against Biden in the 2020 campaign. Maybe he wants it to make sure Biden won't be the candidate? 

From the Washington Post:

The call is part of a broader set of facts included in the whistleblower complaint that is at the center of a showdown between the executive branch and Congress, with officials in the Trump administration refusing to divulge any information about the substance of an Aug. 12 report to the inspector general of the U.S. intelligence community.

Early Twitter reaction:

  • Clint Watts: Seems we went from “No Collusion” to “All Collusion, All The Time”
  • Norman Ornstein: This is impeachable now. Right now.
  • Susan Hennessey: Either they impeach him for this or the constitutional remedy no longer exists.
  • Kurt Eichenwald: If @ODNIgov Joseph Maguire refuses at a committee hearing to turn over the whistleblower report as required under #TitleVIIofPublicLawNo105272, @RepAdamSchiff must request the House Sergeant at Arms to immediately take Maguire into custody.
  • Seth Abramson: Any Democratic politician who hems or haws in response to today's breaking news and suggests that the actions described would *not*, if proven true, be impeachable on at least five grounds is not a politician who believes in or is willing to support the rule of law in America.

Sadly, the Dem response has been weak. Again: 

The problem is twofold: A hugely corrupt president and political party (the GOP), and an opposition unwilling to fight.

Elsewhere, around the world, kids are marching to bring attention and action to man-made climate change.

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