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Friday December 30, 2016

THR's Great Guns Piece Gone Wrong

A few weeks back, The Hollywood Reporter published an excellent piece called “Locked and Loaded: The Gun Industry's Lucrative Relationship with Hollywood,” by Gary Baum and Scott Johnson. It gives us a fascinating look into the industries that provide the movies with firearms, as well as the experts who make sure everything is both safe and realistic during filming.

All that's good. The article runs into problems when it tries to parse the contradictions between a so-called liberal Hollywood that glamorizes guns, and a gun-control industry that condemns Hollywood as liberal even as it benefits from 100 years of cinematic heroes with guns. Generally, the article puts the burden of hypocrisy squarely on Hollywood's shoulders, then bends over backwards to underline its point. 

For example, the writers say they contacted “more than 50 actors, producers, writers, directors and showrunners who have been outspoken gun-control proponents while also utilizing firearms in their storytelling.” The implication is that these people are hypocrites for doing both. But notice the verb: not “glamorizing” firearms in storytelling, but “utilizing” them.

Four men of the 50 responded:

  • Actor Tom Arnold (“True Lies”)
  • Actor Clark Gregg (“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”)
  • Producer Steve Levitan (“Modern Family”)
  • Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (“Milk”)

Again: These are gun-control proponents that also “utilized” firearms in their storytelling. So I get the first two. Kinda sorta. But Levitan? “Modern Family”? Really? He also produced the '90s sitcoms “Frasier,” “The Larry Sanders Show,” and “Just Shoot Me.” Maybe THR was confused about “Just Shoot Me.”

But THR really pissed me off with the way they introduced Black: 

Dustin Lance Black, whose screenplays for Milk and J. Edgar incorporated guns ...

Seriously, THR? You're implying that it's a contradiction for Black to be a gun-control advocate while also writing an Oscar-winning screenplay about a beloved politician who was assassinated

The rest of the article is worth reading anyway.

Harvey Milk assassination scene

To The Hollywood Reporter, more hypocrisy from Hollywood's gun-control advocates. 

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