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Tuesday June 16, 2015

Trailer: Listen to Me Marlon (2015)

Looking forward to this. Appears to be getting a limited release in New York and LA at the end of July. Apparently, too, it just played at SIFF but somehow I missed it.

Here's Michiko Kakutani a few years ago reviewing the Brando biography, “Somebody”:

He was hailed as the “Byron from Brooklyn” (though he was from Nebraska, not New York), a “genius hunk,” “the Valentino of the bop generation” and the essence of “the primitive modern male.” John Huston said he was “like a furnace door opening” so powerful was the heat he gave off. Eva Marie Saint said he had the ability “to see through you” and make you feel “like glass.” Jack Nicholson said he had a gift that “was enormous and flawless, like Picasso”: he “was the beginning and end of his own revolution.”

About “On the Waterfront,” Roger Ebert once wrote:“Brando cut through decades of screen mannerisms and provided a fresh, alert, quirky acting style that was not realism so much as a kind of heightened riff on reality.” Elia Kazan went further: “If there is a better performance by a man in the history of film in America, I don't know what it is.”

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