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Tuesday April 30, 2024

The Spotlight and the Prisoner

“But no one gets everything wrong. I made three huge mistakes early on in my trip around this love shack that radically shaped my life. I see myself (when I look at myself this way) as a just-under-mid-size sea cucumber of clay left behind by a quitter on a wheel in a friendly neighborhood pottery studio, drying to crumbling uselessness in the dark, never to be finished, fired and glazed. But even just going THAT far with it, sparing us all the paralyzing embarrassment of cataloging my three fatal mistakes, even just going so far as to NUMBER them the problem becomes apparent, namely: Wherever the searchlight goes, the prisoner is. By which I mean: ”If you look for the causes of your despair, you'll find them (nevermind that there's only one); and if you go looking for reasons to persevere, you'll find those too! Wherever the searchlight goes, the prisoner is.

-- Craig Wright, ”The Worst Postivie Record Review" on his Substack

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