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Wednesday September 05, 2018

The Short, Unhappy Film Career of Dinesh D'Souza

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but eventually even fools stay away. Or maybe a better liar emerges who gives it away for free on Twitter. 

Chronologically, for D‘Souza:

7/13/12 2016 Obama’s America RM 27% $33,449,086
6/27/14 America: Imagine the World Without Her LGF 8% $14,444,502
7/15/16 Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party QF 4% $13,099,931
8/3/18 Death of a Nation QF 0% $5,757,849

Going down, down, down, down. $5.7 mil is nothing to sneeze at ... unless your docs previously earned six times that. 

Is it that most people have figured out the con? Or is it that Trump is in the White House? I'm beginning to lean toward the latter. We seem to go to the movies not just to escape but to escape “the face of our sky,” as E.L. Doctorow put it in 1992 when referering to POTUS. With Obama in the White House, conservatives flocked to D‘Souza, “American Sniper,” “God’s Not Dead,” etc. Now those films make a fraction of what they did, while “Wonder Woman,” “Get Out,” “Black Panther” and the doc “RBG” ($13.9 and counting) rule during the Trump era. The movies are our counter-programming. 

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