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Thursday October 18, 2012

The Fall of the 2012 New York Yankees

Andy Pettite watches as the Yankees lose to the Tigers, 8-1 and four games to none.

A-Rod's final at-bat of the 2012 season

Curtis Granderson in the Yankees dugout during their elimination from the 2012 postseason

Jayson Nix pops up to end the Yankees 2012 season

Prince Fielder calls for it

Tigers celebrate winning the 2012 AL Pennant

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In 1922, the upstart New York Yankees played in only their second World Series, once again against John McGraw's New York Giants, and got swept in four. The next year they'd finally beat the Giants for their first World Series title.

In 1963, the Yankees played in their 12th World Series in 14 years, once again against the Dodgers, previously hapless of Brooklyn, now of Los Angeles and led by “the Jewish Kid,” Sandy Koufax, and got swept in four.

In 1976, the Yankees, newly owned by George Steinbrenner after falling into decline under CBS ownership, made it back to their first World Series in 12 years and faced the powerhouse Cincinnati Reds. They got swept them in four.

In 1980, the “Bronx Zoo” Yanks, which won it all in 1977 and '78, during which they used George Brett's Royals as a stepping stone to the title, were not only finally defeated by the Royals; they got swept by them.

That's the last time the New York Yankees have been swept in a postseason. Until today, when the Detroit Tigers knocked them off, 8-1.

During the last few days I've witnessed, at least online, a lot of teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling from Yankees fans.

One friend, or a friend of a friend, a die-hard Yankee fan posted this short-term-memory lament during today's game:

What would George Steinbrenner have done after watching this totally disinterested Yankee lineup?

Here are some of the answers he got:

  • Kicked some a** and gotten out the checkbook
  • Flirted with a bikini model in the stands?
  • Probably would have fired Billy Martin

Ian O'Connor of ESPN New York has told A-Rod to hit the road, jack. He said the 2012 Yankees had no business playing for the title and asked Detroit to end their (or his) misery.

It has. For the second year in a row.

So who was the last team to do that to the Yankees? Beat them two years in a row in the post-season? That would be John McGraw's New York Giants in 1921 and 1922.

We've come full circle. Start spreading the news.

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