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Sunday April 24, 2016

Remembering Prince XII

“Jim, we're all creative. I'm creative with music. You're creative with your pen. The builders out there [working on the soundstage] are creative with what they're building. Shoot, I couldn't do what they're doing. But if you go sit down with them and interview them, they'll lay some complex shit on you, and their work is very, very creative. It takes everybody to do this.

It even takes the person down the street to write the lies. It even takes People magazine, who said, 'We'll put you on the cover if we can have you, your wife and your baby on it.' Now, I have been a musician for 20 years. This is the best record I've ever made. You know: Kiss. My. Ass.

”What time is it when people [value gossip more than art]? But again, that gives me something to talk to you about, and that gives us a joke that we can laugh about here today. It's all connected."

-- Prince Rogers Nelson, via Jim Walsh, encore requested by Adam Wahlberg

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