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Monday July 31, 2017

RE: Sessions

Jeffrey Toobin's got a piece on the Trump-Sessions contretemps: the belittlement of the little AG.

Key lines:

The core of the President's grievance is that the Attorney General recused himself from the investigation into possible Russian attempts to interfere in the 2016 election, thereby setting in motion the process that led to the appointment of Robert Mueller, the special counsel. Sessions did the right thing; according to prosecutorial ethics, he cannot supervise a review of a campaign in which he played a prominent role. Trump's willful misunderstanding of the obligations of an Attorney General reflects a larger flaw in his Presidency and in his character—his apparent belief that his appointees owe their loyalty to him personally, rather than to the nation's Constitution and its laws, and, more broadly, to the American people.

What's equally awful is that Sessions has been loyal to Trump—and effective. Toobin lists off the ways Sessions has enacted Trump's agenda, and none of them, to my mind, are any good: disenfranchising voters, increasing civil forfeiture, discouraging police reform, discriminating against the LGBT community, and cracking down on immigration. 

That's how awful Trump is. He has us rooting for an ass like Jeff Sessions. 

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