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Tuesday March 26, 2019

Quote of the Day

From Ryan Cooper at The Week, in a piece titled: “Ignore the media's Trump-Russia recriminations. Look at the big picture instead”:

The Trump administration's approach here — carried out in concert with Attorney General Barr — is pretty clearly to try to muddy the waters around the Mueller findings to make it appear as though Trump is completely free of sin. In reality, just what is publicly known about the Mueller investigation is incredibly damning. A foreign government interfered with a U.S. election, the Republican candidate embraced it, and the rest of the party leadership connived to prevent bipartisan action to stop it. Seven Trump or Republican associates, including Trump's campaign manager, national security adviser, and personal lawyer, have been convicted of various felonies in the biggest white-collar crime investigation in years, and another is on trial.

That's the most dispiriting part about all this—the people who cave in to Trump's bullying and Barr/McConnell's secrecy. Dems, quit wringing your hands and turn them into fists. For the zillionth time, fight back. Your country depends on it. 

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