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Wednesday March 06, 2013

Quote of the Day

“Like so many other parents of children with special needs, Iím leading a life of many decibels of desperation. Those pictures of my son, recklessly plasteredJoe on the Go†all over the social network? Iím desperate for you Ė for the world, really Ė to fall in love with him, or, at the very least, respect him, maybe even develop a sense of responsibility for all kids like him. And by kids, I mean human beings, so please donít get wrapped up in ageism. Weíre all kids, and I want the world to love mine, because someday I wonít be around to take care of him.

”Love may endure, but I donít think my enduring love can ensure clean clothing, good food, superhero stories, and a warm, safe bed for him when Iím not around, or when my wife isnít. We know our daughter is the best big sister he could possibly have, and sheíll step up when and if the time comes, but you know, this is a marathon that requires many people to help one person run a good race, and thatís why I post the photos. Big love is way better than no love, and too many caring hands are better than two or too little.“

-- Jerry Grillo, father and writer, in his must-read post, ”Loud, Graphic, Measured Desperation."

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