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Tuesday December 09, 2008

NY Times Links for the Day

David Carr, yesterday, on the only thing we have to fear...and why we've got a lot of it. Money quote:

Every modern recession includes a media séance about how horrible things are and how much worse they will be, but there have never been so many ways for the fear to leak in.

Michiko Kakutani, today, on the new Marlon Brando biography, “Somebody.” Money quote:

He was hailed as the “Byron from Brooklyn” (though he was from Nebraska, not New York), a “genius hunk,” “the Valentino of the bop generation” and the essence of “the primitive modern male.” John Huston said he was “like a furnace door opening” — so powerful was the heat he gave off. Eva Marie Saint said he had the ability “to see through you” and make you feel “like glass.” Jack Nicholson said he had a gift that “was enormous and flawless, like Picasso”: he “was the beginning and end of his own revolution.”

Dave Kehr, today, on the DVD release of “Mornau, Borzage and Fox.” Money quote:

It’s great to see Fox embracing its studio heritage with such scholarly dedication and serious financial commitment. Only Warner Brothers has done anything comparable, and Fox has perhaps gone a bit further in releasing these sets, comprehensive anthologies devoted not to genres or to stars but to major authors in the field of motion pictures.

And A.O. Scott, in a video blog, tells you everything you already know about “It's a Wonderful Life.” But I like his last line a lot.

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