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Friday March 27, 2020

My Talks with Trump I

I suppose it really isn't Trump's fault. He's always been this way and it's always worked for him. Why should he change when the idiot way he's always acted has taken him to the White House?

The bigger fault lies with the people who support him. It's idiot Americans who aren't paying attention and give him a good grade for the way he's handled the COVID-19 pandemic: Dismissing it in January, constantly saying we have it under control in February, claiming it was a Democratic hoax in late February, then telling the world he always knew it was a pandemic and treated it accordingly in early March. Now, in late March, as our numbers leap past every other country (86k vs. 81k for China), he wants to end the social distancing by Easter, or two weeks from Sunday. Why? Just cuz. Cuz he needs it to get the economy going to get re-elected. Has he done anything throughout this crisis except spread misinformation while blaming others for his own ineptitude? Fox News is equally awful. They tout whatever he says. Whatever shift he makes, they make, and pretend they‘ve always made it. They’re 1984. Who can watch that crap? What idiot takes it seriously? 

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