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Sunday February 03, 2013

Moviegoers Warm to 'Warm Bodies,' Give 'Bullet to the Head' a Bullet to the Head

“Warm Bodies,” the zombie romance and “Twilight” takeoff from Jonathan Levine (“50/50”), opened in 3,009 theaters and grossed more than $19 million. It was the No. 1 movie at the box office this weekend. By far. By more than twice its gross.

“Bullet to the Head,” the new Sylvester Stallone shoot-em-up directed by Walter Hill (“48 Hours”), opened in 2,404 theaters and grossed $4.5 million. It finished in sixth place, behind the second weekend of “Hansel and Gretel” ($9 million), the 12th weekend of “Silver Linings Playbook” ($8.1 million), the third weekend of “Mama” ($6.7m) and the seventh weekend of “Zero Dark Thirty” ($5.3 million).

Elsewhere, “Parker,” the Jason Stratham vehicle with J-Lo, continued to die quickly, grossing $3.2 mil for 7th place. In two weekends it's earned $12.4 million. What's a tough guy to do? Study? Be nice to girls?

Meanwhile, Zeitgeist Films blew a shot at some money, opening “Koch” in two theaters the weekend Ed Koch actually died. What you get for thinking small: $40K.

The overall box-office numbers for the best picture nominees, by the way, are fairly impressive:

Lincoln $170,787,000
Django Unchained $150,979,000
Les Miserables $141,523,000
Argo $120,443,000
Life of Pi $106,059,000
Silver Linings Playbook $80,378,000
Zero Dark Thirty $77,798,000
Beasts of the Southern Wild $11,756,048
Amour $2,488,000

Five movies over $100 million? With shots for SLP and ZDT to make that mark, too? So 7 of 9. Wasn't that the name of the busty Borg on that latter-day “Star Trek” show? Yes, it was.

But none of these Oscar nominees are going to be top 10 for the year. Recontinuing the tradition.

The warmed-over numbers here.

"Bullet to the Head" banner poster

Revenge may never get old but action stars do. Just ask Arnold.

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