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Thursday January 21, 2016

Movie Review: 2016: Obama's America (2012)


The title is just another lie.

I watched “2016: Obama’s America” in 2016 figuring it’d be a hoot—apocalyptic visions of what will happen if Barack Obama actually gets reelected in 2012. Which he totally did. And here we are. And what exactly did Dinesh D’Souza, Dartmouth alum, right-wing mouthpiece, and perpetual victim of the soft bigotry of low expectations, foresee about our world?

We have to wait until the last 10 minutes of a very long slog. Then he says this:

The world could be a pretty scary place in 2016: Israel brought to its knees, America’s defenses weakened, the Muslim world united.

No, no, and no. OK, drive safely, kids.

2016: Obama's America, Dinesh D'SouzaThe only real laugh-out-loud line is when D’Souza envisions a world without U.S. influence, and we’re shown a map of the Middle East in which all of the Arab countries begin turning the same color: “The Middle East,” D’Souza intones, “transforms itself into the United States of Islam.”

Yeah. Good luck with that.

The rest of the movie, sadly, painfully, is D’Souza’s theories about why Obama will try to undermine the U.S.; why, in essence, Barack Hussein Obama is a modern-day “Manchurian Candidate”: the man programmed by our enemies to take control of our country in order to bring it down. And it’s the saddest little conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard.

Worse, D’Souza presents it all as if he were simply investigating things that didn’t make sense to him. He’s impartial, you understand. He’s got an open mind. “Just like the rest of the country, I was intrigued by Obama,” he says about the heady days of January 2009 when Obama took office as the world was in midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. But then Pres. Obama keeps doing things that don’t make sense to D’Souza; like pulling us out of that crisis.

No. Here’s a list of things Pres. Obama did that didn’t add up to our Ivy Leaguer:

  • Returning a bust of Winston Churchill to Great Britain (answer)
  • Not supporting Britain on the Falkland Islands (how is this still a thing?)
  • Delaying the Keystone Pipeline (“which could create tens of thousands of American jobs”)
  • Blocking oil drilling in the U.S. and encouraging it in Latin America
  • Encouraging NASA to reach out to the Muslim world so it can be more aware of the contributions it made to science and math

All of that can only mean one thing: Obama has been mentored from birth by communists, anti-colonialists and anti-Americans, to fulfill the dreams of his absentee, anti-colonialist father, to take down all that’s good and holy and Christian in the world. Duh.

We get the usual suspects: Franklin Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Edward Said, Jeremiah Wright. We get a lot of insinuation, and guilt by association. When Rev. Wright’s “Goddamn America” speech surfaces in spring 2008, which leads to candidate Obama’s heartfelt hour-long discussion on race, D’Souza stands off on the sidelines shaking his head. “Somehow,” he says, “the real issue, which is whether America is the most evil nation in the world, disappears into the background. Obama has skillfully changed the subject.”

Skillfully changed the subject? To race? The one topic most Americans don’t want to talk about?

There’s a circular idiocy to D’Souza’s critique, which, to be fair, is the circular idiocy of the GOP in general. D’Souza relies on different talking heads to point out that America needs to:

  1. be tough and influential abroad, particularly in the Middle East
  2. rein in the national debt
  3. and don’t think about raising taxes

Of course 1) and 3) counteract 2), and have for the last 40 years, particularly under adventurous Republican administrations, which grow the debt that Democrats are then tasked with shrinking. Meanwhile, the middle class gets screwed.

Early in the doc, D’Souza tells us his story (essentially: India, Dartmouth, right-wing dirtbag), and waxes nostalgic about helping create “The Dartmouth Review” in 1980, mainly for the purpose of provoking liberals on campus. When he was accused of being sophomoric, his answer back then was always: We’re sophomores.

He’s still a sophomore. 

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