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Tuesday May 19, 2020

Louis CK on Trump: ‘He Makes Everybody Pay’

“It's four more years of a guy who can't be criticized. What's more important in a president than you can shit all over them? That's what presidents are for. ... That's the point of the president: To get drunk and blame them for everything. This guy, every time he's criticized, everything stops, and he makes everybody pay.”

— Louis CK on “Conan O‘Brien” in October 2016, a few weeks before the election, and about a year before Louis was blacklisted for revelations of sexual misconduct—which he admitted and apologized for. He just totally nails Trump. He added, about the election, “If you vote for Hillary you’re a grown-up; if you vote for Trump you‘re a sucker; and if you don’t vote for anybody you‘re an asshole.” He was right about all that, too.

Trump still can’t be criticized; and he's making us pay every day. 

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