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Monday June 18, 2018

Fox Family Values

This is the latest Fox-News anti-Hollywood piece. It's in reaction to Robert De Niro cursing out Trump at the Tony Awards. De Niro said “Fuck Trump” twice and got a standing ovation. So this.

Fox counters De Niro with Zachery Ty Bryan, which is a little like countering John Updike with me. Who's Bryan? He played the non-heart-throb child of Tim Allen on the 1990s sitcom “Home Improvement.” He's now a producer. 

On air, Bryan seems like a decent sort, but he raises two problematic points. The first is apparent from the headline:

Former Sitcom Star: There Are 'A Lot More' Conservatives in Hollywood Than You'd Expect

Meaning Hollywood isn't as liberal as we think? So it‘s not liberal Hollywood? Fox gets a lot of mileage out of calling it that. Indeed, that’s most of their Hollywood coverage. So do they need to stop now? And if these conservatives are so numerous, aren't they a bit cowardly for not “coming out” sooner?

A lot to unpack there. 

The second problematic point occurs at the end, when the female host brings up how great “Home Improvement” was. She says it wasn't political, it was just about “family values” (“Tool Time Girl” notwithstanding), and “what so many families go through: the ups and the downs.” She wants TV to do this more. “Just take it back to family. Just being a family.”  Bryan agrees:

We need to start getting back to our traditional values. Because we've lost that. And a lot of things happening in the world are because of losing that family background.

Truer words. 

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