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Wednesday April 05, 2017

'Tension Between Immigrants and...?'

Can no one on NPR talk straight? Just say what is

This morning, I listened to a segment on “The Takeaway,” out of NYC, about designing the public library of the future, and how they're community centers and what have you; and at one point host John Hockenberry began to ask this question:

There's been so much talk about the tension between immigrants and...

He paused, and I'm thinking: Pres. Trump? The Trump administration? The GOP? America Firsters? Reactionary SOBs? What's he going to say? I'm trying to help him along in my head. And he finally gets it out:

... and ... uh ... the, uh, authorities, the people who want to deport them...

C'mon, people. Call a Trump a Trump.

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