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Wednesday January 18, 2017

'If you take it all seriously, it's a world crisis'

We're two days from Ground Zero and our president-elect is readying himself by insulting top actresses, civil rights leaders and our allies around the world. 

From Robin Wright's New Yorker piece “Trump Disrupts World,” about his comments on NATO, Angela Merkel, BMW, China:

“What he's saying is so serious, so grave, that if you take it all seriously it's a world crisis,” a senior envoy from a long-standing ally told me on Monday. “And he's saying it all in such a reckless and ignorant way that I suspect everyone is praying that this is not serious.”

Over the next four years, Trump's comments—made by an ingénue in foreign policy and national security, with no apparent respect for the nuances and niceties of diplomacy—could throw an already fragile world into disorder. It's one thing to go after Meryl Streep and Hollywood, on Twitter, in polarized America after the Golden Globes. It's quite another blithely to go after China (the world's most populous country, with one of the two largest economies and the three strongest militaries), Germany (Europe's largest economy), and twenty-eight allies (in the mightiest military alliance in world history)—and all at once and all on a global stage.

So our hope is that our president-elect is not a serious person. Which he isn't. Except maybe in this one way. 

The insider stuff in the piece, how the embassies are getting zero direction as Trump nears inauguration day, is equally disturbing. As I've read elsewhere, Angela Merkel is now leader of the free world. 

Crazy what you could've had. Crazy what you could've had. 

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