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Wednesday July 17, 2019

Your Best Chance to Get Edgar Martinez Out

If you wanted to get Edgar Martinez out during his long, storied, and now Hall of Fame career, hereís what you needed to do.

Heís a rightie, of course, but calling for a right-handed pitcher didnít help much. He hit better against lefties but it wasnít overwhelming: .322 to .308. Still, you need every advantage so you'd take it.†

Away games? The difference between home and away for him was miniscule and actually favored away: .312 vs. .311 at home. Late in the season? He actually hit better in the second half: .309/.314. In fact, youíd probably want to face him in April. Every other month he hit over .300; in April he hit just .297. And get him either in the 1st or 8th inning, where he hit .298. Every over inning he's over .300.

But whatever you do, donít get behind in the count. On 1-0 pitches, he hit .406, and on 2-0 counts, he hit .441 with a .888 slugging percentage. On 3-0, his OBP was .963.

Come to think of it, getting ahead in the count didnít always help, either: On 0-1 pitches, he hit .337. No, what you'd want was to get a little deeper into the count, with maybe Edgar behind. Thatís when his numbers begin to drift below .300.†Edgarís line on 2-2, for example, was not great: .252/.256/.396.

Got all that? Basically, what youíd want, if you wanted the best chance to get Edgar out, is a right-hander pitching to him, at home, say in the 8th inning, with maybe a 2-2 count on him.

Which turns out to be the exact circumstances here:

Thus endeth the lesson.†

Enjoy the Hall of Fame induction ceremony on Sunday, Edgar. Everyone in Seattle will be celebrating with you.†

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