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You're Not Reading This

Here's a quote from Alex Pareene's excellent piece, “Wow. Facebook Just Did Something to Crummy Meme Sites. And What They Do Next Might Shock Everyone,” on

One of the open secrets of the Internet is that no one reads anything on the Internet. People do go around clicking on all sorts of things, but the majority of people who clicked on this piece stopped reading it a few paragraphs ago.

A few things:

  1. I always forget this open secret. Probably because I'm a writer. Some part of me always thinks, “If I just make it interesting enough ...” Some part of me is still thinking that.
  2. It's always nice to outlast others, even in something like reading.
  3. Read Pareene's whole piece. I don't keep up with all this—the switch in Facebook's algorithms and which sites it helps, etc.—but I do care about it. Not to mention the whole “What's the future of journalism?” discussion and the effect, positive or negative, Facebook could have on it. Google, too, by the way. I've been complaining about that for years.
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Posted at 01:42 PM on Wed. Feb 19, 2014 in category Quote of the Day  
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