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Tuesday April 11, 2017

WWADD? Ask a Republican

“Does it get anyone a job? Does it save money? Does it do anything conservatism is supposed to be about? No. It's just about some warped idea that the way to show strength is by being a dick.”

Maher is taking no prisoners on this one. 

Other favorite bits:

  • “Is [hunting] really a sport? Is it a sport if one team doesn't know the game is going on?”
  • “Finally, what possible reason, other than spite, could they have for killing the agreement that Obama made with the car companies to get all cars up to an average of 55 miles a gallon in eight years. This was a done deal. ... It makes the air cleaner. It makes us more energy independent. It saves people money that they can spend on other things. It was a win-win-win-win. That's called a no-brainer—which would lead you to think even Republicans could get it right. All they had to do was nothing. Their specialty.”
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