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Friday August 08, 2014

With Sylvia Kristel as Cordelia

“We want to do King Lear,” Golan announced proudly.

“Who are you going to get to play that,“ Caan asked, ”Chuck Norris?”

-- From an early 1980s conversation between actor James Caan and producer Menachem Golan, as the latter, with cousin Yoram Globus, tried to get the former to become involved in their fledgling studio, Cannon Films, famous, or infamous, for low-budget schlockfests starring the likes of Chuck Norris. Cannon Films would go on to ruin, among other movies, “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.” and Captain America from 1990. Golan died today in his native Israel at the age of 85. The anecdote is via Nikki Finke's website.

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