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Monday August 13, 2012

Why They're Making 'Grown-Ups 2'

This is how Adam Sandler's recent movies have done at the box office (sans the serious-ish films, such as “Funny People” and “Reign Over Me”):

Release Movie Dist. U.S. Box Office
5/27/05 The Longest Yard Par. $158,119,460
6/23/06 Click SonR $137,355,633
7/20/07 I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry Uni. $120,059,556
6/6/08 You Don't Mess with the Zohan Sony $100,018,837
12/25/08 Bedtime Stories BV $110,101,975
6/25/10 Grown Ups Sony $162,001,186
2/11/11 Just Go With It Sony $103,028,109
11/11/11 Jack and Jill Sony $74,158,157
6/15/12 That's My Boy Sony $36,931,089

The high point was “Grown Ups” in 2010. The low point is wherever “That's My Boy” winds up, which won't be much different than the above. It's been out since mid-June. Last weekend, it played in 84 theaters and grossed $74K.

The poor showing of “That's My Boy” is one of the many delights of the summer movie season. More delightful? “Moonrise Kingdom,” whose widest relief was fewer than 1,000 theaters, actually grossed more than Sandler's gross-out comedy. It's at $42 million. Last weekend it earned another half million. It's Wes Anderson's biggest hit since “Royal Tenenbaums” ($52 million in 2001).

Jiminy Cricket.

Adam Sandler in the box-office and critical stinker "That's My Boy"

That's our boy.

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