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Why FOX-News is Like a Hollywood Studio

So who's the villain in the story? It was a question Bill asked a lot. He felt that any good outrage-stoking story needed a tangible target for said outrage, a name and preferably a photo that could be splashed onscreen for the host to point to and say, This is the bad guy. This is the guy hurting you. ...

”[Liberal] judges weren't the only game in town. Some other good villains:

  • Liberal college professors
  • Liberal journalists
  • Liberal politicians
  • Liberal Hollywood celebrities
  • Anyone who resided in the state of Vermont (especially liberals)

“Of course, any good villain story needed a hero as a counterpoint. In most scenarios, the hero was naturally Bill himself, the only one brave or bold enough to call out the villain ...”

-- Joe Muto, “An Atheist in the FOXhole: A Liberal's Eight-Year Odyssey Inside the Heart of the Right-Wing Media,” pp. 192-193.

I've pointed this out before. FOX-News is selling wish-fulfillment fantasy as surely as a Hollywood studio of old, with Bill O'Reilly as a John Wayne type for the folks at home to cheer on, and others subbing in for that night's requisite villain. Back in the day, though, people knew that the stories eminating from the dream factory were dreams, while O'Reilly and company claim to be news of the fair and balanced kind. They claim to report, they claim that you decide. In reality, the only reason it's being reported is because you've already decided.

O'Reilly Factor

Dude even looks like the devil.

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