Wednesday September 21, 2016

Why Felix is King

After today's game, in which Felix threw 2-hit ball and the M's won (finally!) in 12 innings, 2-1, in front of a mostly Toronto Blue Jays crowd at Safeco Field:

I want to be there so bad. We still have a chance at the playoffs. Im going to do my best to make sure we get there. My show of emotion (Its my house!) has been building since two days ago when I saw all those (Toronto) fans in here (Safeco Field). You know what, its still my house!

Cf., my post about the frustrations of Monday night's game. Love. This. Man.

Felix: It's my hosue!

His house.

Posted at 06:41 PM on Wednesday September 21, 2016 in category Seattle Mariners  
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