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What's Wrong with Entertainment Weekly (Part I)

From their July 17th issue, on the backpage “Bullseye” section, far from the center of the bullseye (Brookie Shields’ eulogy for Michael Jackson):

Jon and Kate spend July 4 together. Remember three weeks ago, when we actually cared about them?

No, I don’t. Because I never did. But I remember when EW did. And that’s the problem with EW. They reflect the fleeting, crappy taste of a generic America rather than commenting on it or attempting to channel it. They flatter whatever’s up and kick whatever’s down. So in the July 17th issue, “Bruno” was no. 1 on its “Must List,” with someone (everyone?) writing, “So dirty we can barely describe it...” In their July 24th issue, after a disappointing opening weekend, this headline: “Did Bruno Go Too Far?”

The subhed of the Must List is “The Top 10 Things We Love This Week.” The emphasis, I guess, is on “This Week.”

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Mister B wrote:

I have a subscription to EW and it seems to me that the mag is very quickly turning into People Magazine for people who like movies.

If, EW, you don't care about Jon & Kate, then don't report on them.

And they gave "Transformers 2" a "B".

Nuff said.
Comment posted on Sun. Jul 19, 2009 at 02:43 PM
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