Friday November 30, 2012

What Does the GOP Stand For?

The other day I went to Five Spot at the top of Queen Anne for lunch with a friend. I hadn't been there in a while but I always liked their various themes: Caribbean food this month, Portlandia food the next. For November? There was, of course, an election theme, with super-pork sandwiches and Super Pac entrees, and various election-themed artwork around the restaurant, including, my personal favorite, this painting of a to-do list (“MARRIAGE EQUALITY: HA HA HA HA”) and a list of “To Actually Do” (“Cry, Obstruct, Pander, Cry”), from the desk of John Boehner:

"From the desk of John Boehner" at Five Spot restaurant in Queen Anne, Seattle

I also noticed we were sitting beneath the Republican elephant, which is, in a sense, where all of us have been sitting for the past 30 years.

The Republican elephant never forgets and the Democrat donkey is stubborn. Old metaphors.

Republicans have recently been worrying about the growing minority population in the U.S., since they can no longer win presidential elections by demonizing minorities, but their concerns should go deeper. The GOP used to be good at, or at least known for, the following:

  • accountability
  • fiscal responsibility
  • a strong military

They're no longer accountable since they live in their own world; they balloon deficits via tax cuts for the rich while Dems are more likely to balance the budget; and they start unnecessary wars with false information and are unable to capture or kill our enemies, the people who truly attack us, leaving that mess for the Dems to clean up. Then they disparage the way the Dems clean it up.

What does the GOP currently stand for besides tax cuts for the rich and various petty hatreds of the weak and vulnerable?

GOP elephant

My view vis a vis the GOP: 1981-present.

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