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  • we must destroy, but productively led to the review of this great French documentary.
  • bondage fixation led to the review of this recent comic-book documentary. Not, I'm sure, what the dude (or dudette) was looking for.
  • science fiction movie with phrase “bonk,bonk on the head” took the reader to this movie review, which is more horror than science fiction, but in which I do reference that phrase. But it comes from original “Star Trek,” not a movie.
  • did hitler have siffles led to this post, which is all about the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). I used SIFFles as a bad pun for sniffles, I guess. The reader meant “syphilis,” I assume.
  • joel schumacher batman films are good in a camp way led to this much-read article on the history of Batman, where I agree on “camp” but not “good.”
  • entourage prediction took the reader to this “Entourage” prediction .... from three years ago. Which didn't pan out.
  • James M. McCallum = this movie review.
  • metrodome moments = this farewell post.
  • фирма которая делает кепки ny led to this article. Perhaps the Russians are interested in buying?

Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Janice Rand and Miri in the first-season, original series "Star Trek" episode, "Miri"

(L to R) Miri, Janice Rand, Dr. McCoy and Capt. Kirk in the first-season “Star Trek” episode “Miri.” Before the disease and the jealousy and the Bonk Bonk on the head.

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