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Wednesday February 12, 2020

Well Well Well, Is It True, Papa Bell?

This was fun.

Last week, amid all the Trump nastiness (that could mean any week over the last 3-4 years, but in this instance it refers to the GOP acquittal vote in the Senate, and Trump flexing his immoral muscles in the aftermath), I was momentarily distracted, and happily so, by a discusson on Twitter about baseball and movies. Someone rewatched “The Natural” and pinged the Negro League Hall of Fame and Museum that a mini-series on the Negro Leagues would be great, right? The president of Negro League Museum agreed. So the first guy asked the room (all of us on Twitter) who should play the likes of Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Oscar Charleston and Cool Papa Bell. 

I had one answer, anyway, and posted it:

Don't know if he can swing a bat, or how fast he is, but I always thought @JamieHector wouldn't be a bad choice for Cool Papa Bell.

A day later I got an answer to my answer:

Made my week. I can just hear Marlo's voice there. 

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