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Weekend in Minneapolis

If you were wondering about the five-day interruption here, and who wasn't, I was in Minnesota for a few days of work-work. (Thus the Eagan hotel encounter.) But you know the saying: all work-work and no play-play... I lucked out there. Glorious weekend. Clear skies, low 80s. Some iPhone photos:

Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, Minnesota: September 2012

Saturday: Lake Harriet from the bandshell side. All the boats were out. Or nearly.

Vote NO sign at the Shir Tikvah Synagogue in south Minneapolis

There's an initiative on the Minnesota ballot in November to define marriage as between one man and one woman in the state constitution. It's running about 50-50. In South Minneapolis, of course, different story. I saw nothing but VOTE NO signs but this was my favorite: in front of the Shir Tikvah Synagogue along the Parkway. Obviously I hope it won't pass, and Minnesota will VOTE NO, but I also think of the time and energy it took to force this non-issue before the public, to waste all of this time and energy and money, and shake my head.

Sebastian Joe's in south Minneapolis

Is there a better ice-cream place than Sebastian Joe's? One quibble: They never have my favorite flavor anymore, Angelica, which is a mix of hazelnut ice cream and coffee ice cream. Where's the love? Because, you know, Molly Moon's and salted caramel is making overtures.

Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis

Sunday morning walk, Lake Nokomis.

Tender boats at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis

I liked the lettering on these boatsóthat alone took me backóbut wondered about the word TENDER. Later a friend explained that a tender boat is one that takes you from the dock to your boat. Good to know. “A learner, rather,” as Stephen Dedalus says.

The turtle at Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis

The turtle at the Lake Nokomis beach.

Mel the cat surveys his domain in south Minneapolis

Mel the cat in Ingrid's garden, looking like a miniature, lopsided version of the NY Public Library lions.

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