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Want to Be Taken Seriously?

In my InBox this morning...

Want to be taken seriously? Become a better writer

The key word, the word that prevents argument, is “better.” Become a good writer? I am a good writer. Become a better writer? Well, even James Joyce can't argue.

You can argue with the enticement: to be taken seriously. Is that something to be desired in a less-than-serious country? And, if desired, would becoming a better writer achieve that goal? Most writers, who work in the dark and do what we can and give what we have, assume writing is a great path to not be taken seriously. Being taken seriously involves mostly one thing; one weird trick, as they say: how much do you make?

My friend and fellow writer Andy on all the failure that goes into writing. “To get it wrong so many times,” as E.I. Lonoff said.

My favorite part of the email? “Tailored For You.”

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