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Sunday November 20, 2016

USA Today Reports Trump's Spin, You Decide

On Twitter, writer Molly Ditmore posted the following image of yesterday's USA Today (B section) in the wake of Donald Trump settling a $25 million lawsuit for fraud—which, by the way, is unprecedented for a president-elect:

USA Today trump headline: conservative media

She wrote, “Much of US has a @Gannett -owned newspaper. This is nat'l news section. This is what the country is being fed news of POTUS-elect. Shame.”

Indeed. And immediately beneath that tweet? Like the first comment? Brad Heath, investigative reporter for USA Today, asking, “Curious: What's your objection to the piece?”

Good god. 

One more time for the hard-of-thinking.

The PRESIDENT-ELECT. Settled a LAWSUIT. For FRAUD. And the headline was his team's SPIN. So was the subhed. So was the secondary subhed. The entire thing is Trump's SPIN. “We report the spin, you decide”: Is that the motto?

I replied to Heath, stating as much. Please do the same. Hound these fuckers until they get it. 

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