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Friday October 02, 2020

U.S. Covid Case No. 7,279,109

Thursday night at around 8:00 PM I tweeted the following:

It's Oct. 1 and our “October Surprise” so far has been:

Stay tuned.

Two hours later, Trump tweeted that he and Melania had both tested positive for Covid.

I didn't want this to happen. Not because I'm concerned about Trump. You kidding? No, Trump is a horrific human being who appeals to the worst instincts in people, undermines the rule of law, undermines American democracy itself, embraces dictators and dictatorships, is probably corrupt as hell in his finances, and has bungled the Covid pandemic from the get-go. In January and February, he said it was all going to be fine, he praised President Xi for his actions in China, he claimed that it would go away with the warmer weather, and he called it a hoax and blamed the Democrats and the news media for hyping it. And that was just at the beginning. That was before he began pimping for hydroxychloroquine and bleach. And all the while, he dismissed mask-wearing. He refused to do it, then did it once in a blue moon, then mocked anyone who wore a mask. He accused them of being politically correct. As if it was a matter of politics rather than science. So it's almost karmic that he got it. It's Biblical: As you sow, so shall you reap. This is the reap.

But no, I didn't want him to get it. Because it changes the narrative—slightly. Yesterday, Trump was a horrible human being and everyone knew it. Today, Trump is a horrible human being but let's not say so. He's sick after all. He's at Walter Reed, after all. 

Republicans are already playing to this strategy. Or they're accusing Democrats of low blows even as they're administering them themselves. Joe Biden, of course, has been classy and empathetic throughout, and for the moment his campaign has pulled negative Trump ads. The Trump campaign, no surprise, has not followed suit. They're still assholes. The Republican “R” stands for Ruthlessness. When it's not standing for Racism, Rich Bastards and Russia. 

Under Trump's watch, I'd guess Trump is about U.S. Covid case No. 7,279,109, while more than 200,000 Americans have died from it. I sincerely hope he's not one of them. I hope he gets well soon, so he can get back on the campaign trail and open his piehole and lose votes and lose the election. So we can begin to get back to being a country again. 

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