Tuesday February 05, 2013

Try This One Weird Trick and Hit 647 Homeruns

When I went to ESPN.com's story on a Florida doctor injecting Yankees third-baseman Alex Rodriguez with performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), this was the ad that popped up along the right-hand side:

"One weird trick and build muscle"

Two things about the ad cracked me up:

  1. “Cambridge” scientists. Why Cambridge?
  2. “...one weird trick.” Why “weird” and why “trick”? Why not “ancient” and why not“secret”? If it's because “one weird trick” appeals to a certain low-IQ browser, I then go back to my first question. Will someone to whom “one weird trick” appeals know where or what Cambridge is?

But mostly I love its placement in the middle of tsking A-Rod story. I like our umbrage at A-Rod and our interest in Cambridge. Is America beyond irony or are we just too stupid for it? Maybe Cambridge scientists can figure it out.

Try this one weird trick and hit 647 career homeruns.

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