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Saturday January 30, 2016

Trump: Women and Children First

“Trump's fans tend to express little regard for political norms. They cheer at his most outlandish statements. [Bill] O'Reilly asked Trump if he meant it when he said that he would 'take out' the family members of terrorists. He didn't believe that Trump would 'put out hits on women and children' if he were elected. Trump replied, 'I would do pretty severe stuff.' The Mesa crowd erupted in applause. 'Yeah, baby!' a man near me yelled. I had never previously been to a political event at which people cheered for the murder of women and children.”

-- from Ryan Lizza's article, “The Duel: The Trump and Cruz campaigns embody opposite views of politics and the future of the G.O.P.,” on the New Yorker site.

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