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Thursday March 30, 2023


I went to BaBar this afternoon for a late lunch and Pho Hanoi—I've been under the weather and this is my “get better soon” comfort food—and when I returned home I saw, on Spoutible, one of the new social sites I'm trying out, a post about “karma.” “For who?” I wondered. “Oh, the Central Park Five. Why?”

And then I read this: ...following the indictment of Donald Trump by...

I tried to hold my emotions in check. Did that just mean “the eventual indictment of...?” So I went to the New York Times site. And no. That's not what it meant. I saw this beauty:

To be honest, that's a later version of what I saw on their website, but I had to go with it because it looked so good

Anyway, it's about fucking time. It's been a long time coming. 

Trump, true to form, railed against being INDICATED [sic].

More later. But it's a good day for America. Rule of law matters. No matter how powerful and illiterate you are.

Oh, and screw you, Steve Inskeep! For this. I will never forgive you for what you did—and didn't do—during what I hope are our worst American times.

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