Thursday August 13, 2015

Trailer: Trumbo

I‘ll go see this. I hope it doesn’t skirt the fact that Dalton Trumbo was a member of the American Communist Party from 1943 to 1948. I hope it deals with the nuances of the times and situations. Doesn't appear to. But it looks fun. Directed by Jay Roach, mostly known for comedies such as Austin Powers and Meet the Parents. Starring Bryan Cranston, of course, with Helen Mirren as Hedda Hopper, with cameos from John Wayne, Kirk Douglas and Edward G. Robinson (Michael Stuhlbarg):

I still think a good movie, maybe a better movie, could be made about Edward G. Robinson, who was a solid liberal and anti-Nazi during the 1930s when most studios still weren't making anti-Nazi movies (it wasn't being fair to Hitler), and who paid the price in the 1950s by being blacklisted and then forced to beg for work again. It's may be less feel-good than Trumbo's story but more poignant. Robinson was a bigger star and had farther to fall.

In the meantime, I think I‘ll revisit Peter Askin’s/Christopher Trumbo's 2007 documentary, also called “Trumbo,” which I remember being vaguely disappointing.

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