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Monday April 28, 2014

Trailer of the Day: Gone Girl

I saw this trailer before seeing “The Other Woman” on Friday, so it was obviously the best thing I saw that night. (Well, other than Stephen Colbert's masterful takedown of Sean Hannity in the Cliven Bundy fiasco. That's one of the best things that's EVER been on television.)

Warning: There's an ad after the trailer. There may be an ad before the trailer. But the trailer itself (which is an ad) is really well done. It presents the central dilemma of the film without giving away too much.

Do I have to read the book before the movie opens on Oct. 3rd? Is it worth it? And who produced the trailer? Anyone know? Because good work. 

The song, by the way, is Richard Butler singing Elvis Costello's “She.” The director, of course, is David Fincher, who never seems to make a bad movie: “Se7en,” “Fight Club,” “Zodiac,” “The Social Network,” “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” Well, he did do “Benjamin Button,” which was a bit of a waste. His first Academy Award nomination. So it goes.  

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