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There's A Lot of Trouble Behind a Bar, Etc.

He: There's a lot of trouble behind a bar.
Me: How do you mean?
He: The drinking. Plus everyone wants to fuck the bartender. It's a good job to have in your 20s, but once you hit 35...

--Conversation at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel bar, in Eagan, Minn., while watching “Monday Night Football.” The guy I was talking to, another guest at the hotel, looked a bit like Lawrence Tierney in “Reservoir Dogs,” but with black-framed glasses. He was the father of at least two, and was talking about his daughter, who had recently graduated from college with a dual degree, neither of which she was using. Instead, she was bartending and teaching snowboarding in Colorado. At one point, despite his words, I said, “You seem proud of her,” and he shrugged without shrugging. “The world was made for people like her,” he said. “Now my son. He studies, plays by the rules. He'll struggle his whole life.”

Could've talked to the dude all night.

Lawrence Tierney in "Reservoir Dogs"

Lawrence Tierney in “Reservoir Dogs.”

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Daniel Davenport wrote:

Fantastic anecdote! - (and nicely written too). I wonder if it's a bad sign that I lauged as hard as I did at this.

Comment posted on Wed. Sep 19, 2012 at 02:26 PM
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