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Saturday December 07, 2013

The Upside of the Cano Deal for Yankee Haters

Here are the 2013 Yankees batting leaders:

2013 Yankees batting leaders
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All Robinson Cano.

Admittedly the Yankees had bad luck with its hitters in 2013. Well, “bad luck.” They had a lot of old guys and they got injured. Doesn't take Benedict Cumberbatch to figure that one out.

Quick trivia: How many 2013 Yankees had an offensive WAR greater than 1.0? Here's a hint: the woeful Seattle Mariners had nine such guys, including the oft-injured Franklin Gutierrez at 1.0.

The Yankees? Just four: Cano at 6.8, Brett Gardner at 3.5, Alfonso Soriano at 1.4 and Eduardo Nunez at 1.3. That's it.

Measured by WAR, Cano was more than half the Yankees' 2013 offense. And now he's gone.

They‘re working to replace him, of course, and were before he signed with the Mariners: Brian McCann, whose best hitting days may be behind him, the oft-injured Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran, who starts the season at age 37.

Even so, the Yankees’ horrible 2013 offense just got a whole lot worse. So in that regard there's cause for celebrating. Start spreading the news.

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