Tuesday January 25, 2022

The Undoing of Zack Snyder

“That year, [Joss] Whedon took a job doing rewrites for the Warner Bros. film Justice League, a DC property directed by Zack Snyder. For two white men in their 50s making comic-book flicks, he and Snyder could hardly have been less creatively or philosophically aligned. While Whedon's superhero epics were leavened by irony and wordplay, Snyder's were brooding and self-important, with a visual style that combined the artificiality of a video game with the fascist aesthetic of a Leni Riefenstahl production.

-- from New York magazine's “The Undoing of Joss Whedon” by Lila Shapiro, which is one of the more evenhanded, post-MeToo articles I've read. Yes, Whedon comes off as a jerk, and someone who has used his position to take advantage of women, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's 99% of men in positions of power. It also feels like Whedon was singled out because of Zack Snyder and his bizarro fanbase, but that could be my prejudices at work.

Main point: I've spent years trying to nail what was wrong with Zack Snyder's films and I never did it as succinctly as Shapiro does here. 

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